Friday, June 6, 2008

1.06 Lonely Among Us

Rating: 2

While escorting two warring alien races to a peace conference, the Enterprise encounters an unusual energy cloud. Soon, various members of the crew are taken over by a mysterious entity.


It was great to see an Indian member of the crew (Mr. Singh). Unfortunately, he is killed. He could be considered Next Gen’s first ‘red-shirted ensign’ (although he was not an ensign and did not wear a red shirt, he still fits the description in that he was a new crew member and therefore most likely to die).

Wesley obviously enjoys his orange/pink bedspread shirt, as he is still wearing it.

There are at least six meetings. They make a little more sense in this episode, as there is no pressing emergency (until Picard beams into the cloud).


Data has never heard the term ‘private eye’, and has to have it defined for him by Picard and Riker. However, ‘private eye’ in is my copy of the MacQuarie dictionary (1982 edition) and is not a colloquialism – it should be known to Data too.

Memorable Moments

•    In the final scene, Picard admits to feeling a little tired, and promptly leaves Riker to deal with the seemingly unsolvable conflicts between the Anticans and the Selay. Troi looks at Riker and smiles subtly, and Riker just keeps staring at her. It’s well done and very funny, and the music drums in excitement – you really feel like the show may be ending, but the crew will continue to be doing things after they go off the air

Quotable Quotes

"It’s elementary, my dear Riker…sir."
- Data as Sherlock Holmes

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